Apple’s new iPad and Apple Watch are already (slightly) discounted on Amazon

Today’s Dealmaster is headlined by a couple of small but notable discounts on the new 10.2-inch iPad and Apple Watch Series 6. The former is currently down to $299 at Amazon, while the latter is down to $385. Those are $30 and $15 discounts, respectively.

These are not massive deals, clearly, and as of this writing, Amazon says the Apple Watch may take a few weeks to ship. But given that both devices only became available within the past week, we figured the discounts were worth noting for early adopters who might be able to save a few bucks by not buying directly from Apple.

As for the devices themselves, the eighth-generation iPad is largely a spec bump over the previous model. It keeps the design language of older iPads, with a Lightning port, a non-laminated display, and relatively large bezels. But it still supports Apple’s Smart Keyboard and first-generation Pencil stylus, it still offers excellent mobile software in iPadOS, and it should provide stronger performance now that it has jumped from Apple’s A10 processor to the A12 chip found in the iPhone XS and iPad Mini. It’s not as sexy as the new iPad Air, but it should still hold appeal for casual entertainment and getting light work done.

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